I Love

Surrounded by greatness
Multitudes of joy all around me

New faces
Wandering into a world
Where the most powerful force in existence
Seemingly has no bounds
And old faces
Learning more each day
Just what the meaning of boundlessness is
Trying to communicate that onward

Rediscovering ourselves in ourselves
And in others
Amplifying the light
Radiance in us all

Drinking in the wonder and passion
Thick and palpable in the air
Enthusiastic currents overwhelming me
It’s fine
I’ll drown happily

Kinship permeating this space
Within me nearly automatic now
New connections forming at breakneck speed
Fear no longer a deterrent
Not stopping
Nothing barring

How could I have guessed?
Yet somehow I’ve always been aware
This is in me
This is possible
This I know

I love

I wrote this shortly after returning home from the Poly Living conference in Philadelphia, PA in February of 2015.  I have felt at many conferences overwhelmed by the feelings of belonging and affection, and I was even more overwhelmed at Poly Living to feel like I was surrounded by people who were going to change the world.  This conference happened during one of the best and strongest times in my life that I can remember, and I’m happy to have captured the emotions I was experiencing.

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