Text dripping onto a page
A glimpse into the shadows hovering in the fringes
Outside of rationality’s grasp
Escaping attempts at analysis

All manner of indelicate haunts
Teasing at the edges of awareness
Then evaporating
Laughing and sneering
Triggering sensitive spots of sanity
Cascading doubt

Subterranean realms
Where nightmares are true horrors
Revealing the meaninglessness
And exposing the link
Forged between opposites
So that all that is desired
Is tainted by that which is repulsive
That perfection only exists
As imperfection
Mutually exclusive inclusiveness

Denying simple answers
Easy paths
Revealing a reality of twisted mazes
Where any apparition can be just as easily devil as divine
Or is so heartrendingly both
Embodying chaos
Defying patterns and creation
Shaking reality to its core

Serenity to accept
Strength to change
Wisdom from where?

I wrote this poem in the wake of a breakup, as I was also struggling with issues of anxiety, depression, and codependency.  I was still experiencing a lot of self-doubt, and darker images like this were resonating strongly with me at the time.

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