Sneaking into my head again
Tantalizing pieces of fantasy
Imagined things
No matter how often I banish them
It is never long
Before I am again ensnared
Lost in thought

And now
With words reaching out to me
Buttons pushed
And suggestions more maddeningly insistent
I find myself caught
Again and again
In delicious fragments
Of the delightful things I can imagine
And even these
Enough to catch my breath
To stun me momentarily

What, then, is the reality to be?
When my senses are flooded
With those things I cannot successfully create within my mind
When the keening builds to a fever pitch
An unbearable, unrelenting burning
That threatens to tear my sanity from me

What overwhelming blaze are we to ignite?
Scintillating stroking
Eliciting tingling electric energy
Charging heart pounding
Into waves of ecstasy
Blending boundaries

We fight fire with fire
Should we be concerned
Playing with flames like this?
Remembering what we must
To enjoy the heat
The light
The beauty
And destroying only that which wants oblivion.

This is something I wrote while solidly in new relationship energy with a long distance partner at the time.  I hadn’t been able to meet them face to face yet, but I was very eager to do so.  He and I communicated mainly via email, and sometimes wrote poetry back and forth to each other.  While the relationship ended before we could meet, I still love this poem as one of the spicier things I’ve written.  🙂

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