Greetings Fellow Traveler,

It is wonderful to meet you! It is always such an honor to run into another universe of a being, a whole constellation of experiences and memories, hopes and dreams, an entity formed by the beautiful organized chaos of existence with its own unique perceptions and perspectives.

I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself, from the core of my being, to open the possibility that we might communicate to one another, soul to soul.

I love you.

I want you to experience all the wonderfulness life has to offer, and all the growth you are able to manage. That might mean pain and loss, but every loss makes space for something else wonderful, and I hope that is always the case for you. I want you to stand and love yourself and love others, openly, freely, wholly, and without fear.

I will do what I can to support you in this endeavor, although it may not always look like you want it to. I hope that you love me enough to tell me no, if what you need for wholeness is to refuse what I want. I will do my utmost to love you enough to tell you no, to share my truth and my honesty with you, if I cannot give what you need without destroying myself.

But I’ll make mistakes. So will you. We are human and that is what we do. That’s okay. I still love you. I can forgive you, even if I can’t return to the place we had before. I still hope that life brings you to the highest point you are capable of achieving, no matter how much pain or suffering your presence has brought to my world. Because loss is also a gift. I try to accept that gift, even if I do it imperfectly, because I want to love you enough to hear you when you say no.

I want to share what we can share together, in joy, in pain, in wonder, as long as it is mutual, as long as we both share it freely. I want to listen, to hear your stories ringing out of your heart, your magnificent beacon of being that you pour into our shared reality. These are the lifelines of our connection to one another, the way we communicate and replicate, and cross the vast distances between one being and another.

I want you to flourish. I want you to grow. I want to meet, and meet again, in the many forms we all take, in the many persons we are throughout our life, and in the ever present unfolding we live in each moment.

And I want to part ways, because at the end of it all, we each have our own paths to wander, and I would not dream to follow another’s. Nor would I steal yours from you by forcing you to walk mine. We forge our journey forward and upward, together but ever separate.

You are you. This is the best compliment I can pay you. You are everything you want to be, and everything you think yourself capable of becoming. You have already touched my life, and I have touched yours. Our fates have collided and who knows for how briefly or how long? But now we have seen each other.

If we are never to meet again, farewell. I will hold you in my unconscious memory if not my conscious one. You have been the flapping of a butterfly’s wings into my world, whether you were ever aware of it or not.

If we are destined to share some bit of life together, I look forward to knowing more of you, even as I know I can never know all of you, nor you all of me. For we are all ever shifting beings, and keeping up with ourselves is challenging enough.

Thank you for the gift of your presence. Thank you for the gift of your absence. Thank you for being you and for the place you hold in my world and any other. Thank you for the lessons you teach me, the pleasures you bring me, and the pain you show me I’m strong enough to endure.

I love you.

Just Because

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