Rose Has a Patreon!!!

Hello to my followers!

I wanted to thank you for following me along on my writing journey so far and to inform you that I’ve taken another step and decided to start a Patreon account to support my work and hopefully start to grow the amount and quality of content that I am able to produce.

If you are inspired to become a patron, I deeply appreciate it, but I also wanted to just give you a heads up that it will probably be easier to follow my work if you follow along on my Patreon from this point forward.

I also appreciate anyone who is boosting and sharing my work to increase my exposure to those who might someday become patrons.

To start with, my Patreon will probably focus a bit more on my poetry, as I have been feeling that muse more strongly lately, but I do hope to eventually start doing more extended essays about the topics you have already seen a little bit of here, such as relationships and community dynamics, and creative journaling.

I look forward to sharing with you!  ❤

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