It cried

Frantically grasping at insults
Impervious to those trying to gently educate
Compassionately call out
Explain themselves with warmth and in good faith

It bleated

In terror at the anger
The heat
The passion
Finally erupting in the face of its assaults

It begged

Running in cowardice
From the dream it thought would always reign supreme
Unable to face responsibility
Childish and desperate

Screamed the cold
White thing
Falling from its place in the sky

Eyes shut and ears plugged to
The changing climate here
To melt and wash it away

Maintaining that gravity is just a theory
As it rushes to embrace the ground
Because when it hears the winds of change
It’s so much easier to believe they’re not coming for it


Just calling someone else a name makes it true
Means it’s not one of the weaklings going extinct
Because it refuses to evolve