Sunset Into Samhain

The world is turning now
Ever farther
Into autumn
This last passage
Into the deepest of darkness

Decay in the air
A world ready to sleep

And shedding my own waste
Now in its proper time
Things that will not serve me in this season
Dropping away
Perhaps to fertilize another day

For as the Earth turns
So do I
Finding my own rhythm
The beat of my growth

As any master artist must eventually
The use of empty spaces

For here
In the space between breaths
Is where the void touches my life
The place I came from
To whence I shall return
And to embrace it
Is to keep its power

Moving through twilight amongst trees
The membrane so thin
Senses flooding
On how many different planes?
Swept into this dance
This dirge

To grieve
Things that must be let go
And fiercely celebrate that grief

Opening to the darkness
Embracing it
To work within me
Moving inside me
Through me
As me


This is a cycle
I know it
I breathe it
And the time for fighting it
Is coming to a close

The only ghosts here now
Are shades of my former self
How many times have I died?
To become what is me
And what perishes now?
To bloom new
And transformed
As my world tilts back into abundance

That is a mystery for the other side of winter

The dead shall howl
Through barren branches
Coming for me
Old friends
Lessons I must revisit
But that needn’t haunt me daily
I’m here
Take me
I know now
What you steal
I was never meant to keep
I will bleed
But I will live
And this sacrificial tradition
Forges steel in my core

Welcome spirits!
Samhain is upon us!
Let us fly together
Into the night

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